Friday, November 16, 2012

One's Own Cheerleader

This last year has been a seriously tough year for me.  I haven't had a steady job for a year now, I have moved back to California and then back to London and one thing that I've learned about myself is that I say I'm going to do a lot of things and never follow them through.  Not in the doing a friend a favour way or finishing up a project in the office.  No, more in a personal I'm-going-to-do-something-for-me-way.  

One of those things was this blog.  I really love having an outlet to be creative and do something for me.  However I've noticed that this blog causes me more anxiety than anything else.  I'm always a bit too worried that it's not going to be polished enough, or on track with what this blog is meant to be about.  And to be completely honest, I'm not sure that I'm even positive I know what this blog is supposed to be about.  I've decided I can't worry about it anymore.  I've learned that the blog is just a place to write and get things out of my brain.  So from this moment forward, I'm just going to write.  I'm sorry if the blog is all over the map, or not really quite up to standard, but I'm just trying to find my ground with it.  

I hope that everyone has a great Friday and remembers to not stand in your own way.  I tend to do this a lot and I've realised I'm only holding myself back from what I want to do.  It sounds corny yes, but let's try to be a bit more of our own cheerleaders.  And be positive towards yourself just as you would others.  Don't get me wrong, this post isn't meant to be in the it's all about me way, I just feel that pessimism gets the best of us sometimes.  So let's move forward with our best foot forward. dd

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