Tuesday, October 18, 2011

White Cube

I took a quick trip to White Cube in Bermondsey today.  A gorgeous big white warehouse lit to a buzzing white perfection.  The big glass doors opened up to welcome me in to the white wash walls.  As there is no photography allowed once inside the building, I’m sorry I can’t share any snap shots with you other than the sign outside.

The first piece to really catch my eye was that of Cerith Wyn Evans.  The Welsh artist had a neon poem of sorts that wrapped around the room. Seven crystal flutes hung from the ceiling above the neon installation that sent haunting notes throughout the entire building, adding to the creep in the air.  However, I think the creepiest part of the whole place were the many staff and security that were dotted around just standing there reading books dressed in black.  I know they are there to make sure visitors stay in line, but it felt more like I was on display than the art.  There was always someone looking at you with judging eyes.  Made for a rather uncomfortable wander.

My favorite installation was just a huge case of little colorful bits and bobs.  However, on closer inspection it was a very large medicine cabinet.  There were hundreds of colorful pills placed so neatly in rows.  It makes you think of all the synthetics and xyz's that we ingest every year.  Yet it was such a delicate piece that you couldn't help but stare and marvel over all of the different prescriptions. dd

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